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Family Counseling
Strengthening the Ties that Bind for Positive Family Dynamics
Family Counseling

Affordable Family Therapy in the Dallas, TX Area

Rediscover Hope & Forge a Healthier, Happier Family

As a culture, we prize the family unit—it’s the cornerstone of many people’s life goals and desires. So when things aren’t working the way we hoped they would, it can be hard to understand why, let alone how to fix it. If there is constant tension in your family, you have trouble communicating with one another, or a complex life event has changed the way you interact, you haven’t failed your family. You simply need help getting the dynamic back on track—and at Zoetry Counseling, we’re here to help.

Our Approach to Family Therapy

Our approach to family counseling brings the entire family together to identify the unique gifts that each member brings to the table. We develop a custom therapy program for your family, one that uses warmth, humor, recognition, and appreciation to mend family ties or even create new ones. Whether your family is going through a major transition or simply struggling with day-to-day structure, family therapy may be exactly what you need to bring everyone together again. 

Family therapy can have many benefits, from healing rifts to honing your parenting skills and beyond. We’re here to give you practical tools for reaching your goals and flourishing together as one. We have helped families overcome many challenges.

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Commonly Addressed Areas:

  • Navigating life transitions
  • Improving communication
  • Resolving parent-child conflicts
  • Supporting aging parents
  • Handling marital problems
  • Weathering financial issues
  • Dealing with mental illness in the family
  • Coping with a family member’s substance abuse

Our Marriage & Family Counselors

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Gloria E. Gonzalez
Licensed Professional
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Hannah Christensen
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Allie V. Whistler
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Monica Rios
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Your Family Counseling Questions Answered

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of counseling that brings every member of the family together to address difficulties, including parents and children (young kids, teenagers, or even adult children). Instead of working with one individual alone, we tailor therapy to support the goals of the family system as a whole. What one member does can have far-reaching impacts on another, and we’re here to help everyone understand their role, their challenges, and what it will take to heal.

Your counselor will neither “fix” your partner nor pin the blame on you. Instead, they’ll take a close look at your relationships, communication patterns, strengths, emotions, and stories. Then, they’ll make effective interventions to improve communication and shift the focus of the family narrative to align with your goals for a functional—and happy—family.

Does My Family Need Counseling?

We see families for many different reasons. If emotions are running high and you’re not sure how to mend resentments, rifts, or short-term challenges, family therapy is a great option. It’s not a sign of failure or weakness—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. By taking steps to get help for your family, you’re choosing to prioritize them and improve daily life for everyone involved.

You may choose to seek counseling during major life transitions, such as new parenthood, losing an important figure of the family (such as a grandparent or child), or divorce or separation. Or, you may need help moving past a traumatic or challenging event. For some, it’s simply about making home a less tense place to be—without daily arguments, intense sibling rivalries, or other stressful disruptions.

Is Family Therapy Covered By Insurance?

In some cases, yes, and at Zoetry Counseling, we accept many major insurances. However, we encourage you to confirm coverage with your provider before attending your first session. If you have questions about paying for therapy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us—we’re happy to work together to find a solution that works for you.

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Families are hard. Spouses, children, siblings, and parents have the greatest capacity to enrich our lives, but also the greatest capacity to complicate them. That’s where our licensed family counselors come in. By helping untangle the delicate knots that build through years of trials and turbulence, your counselor can help your family repair and strengthen their bonds. Tell us a little about your family’s needs and preferences to start the next chapter in your story.

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