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Child Therapy
Helping Your Child Express Themselves in Healthy Ways
Child Therapy

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Supporting Children in the Modern World is Tough—Let Us Help

Whether your child is struggling with behavior problems at school or your family is navigating a difficult event, it can be hard for children to express themselves. At Zoetry Counseling, we believe in the power of nurturing and supporting children's emotional well-being and development. Our dedicated team of compassionate therapists is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment where children can express themselves freely and explore their emotions.

Our Approach to Child Therapy

We specialize in providing child therapy services for children between 5 and 12, tapping into the power of creativity and play to empower young minds. We take a child-centered approach to therapy, beginning with the recognition that each child is unique, with their own experiences, challenges, and strengths. Our therapists use evidence-based techniques and play-based interventions to engage children in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable for them. 

By using play, art, storytelling, and other creative methods, we help children communicate their feelings, thoughts, and concerns, giving them new avenues for emotional growth and resilience. By incorporating play, we can help children and their families communicate and process the things that are troubling them. We can counsel children one-on-one and/or as part of family counseling. We also work closely with educators and school staff to provide guidance, insights, and strategies that can enhance a child’s learning experience.

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We have helped children with:

  • Anger & Aggression
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Concentration Problems
  • Behavior or Conduct Issues
  • Worrying & Sadness
  • Divorce Issues
  • Bullying
  • Traumatic Events
  • Social Skills
  • Grief & Coping Skills

Our Counselors for Children

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Kali Carter
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
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Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
Hannah Christensen
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
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Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
Monica Rios
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
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Licensed Professional <br>
Gloria E. Gonzalez
Licensed Professional
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Your Child Counseling Questions Answered

What Does a Child Therapist Do?

Children communicate through play. They often don’t possess the verbal skills or emotional development to express complex feelings, which is why we incorporate play into each session. As the child plays, the counselor will observe and listen, learning about their unique feelings and providing guidance to help them process them.

Our team of licensed child therapists possesses extensive experience and expertise in child psychology, play therapy, and family counseling. They are passionate about helping children and have a deep understanding of the challenges they face. Our therapists are warm, caring, and non-judgmental, building trust-based relationships with children to ensure a successful therapeutic journey.

What Should I Tell My Child About Going to Therapy?

We understand that it can feel difficult to explain therapy to a child. We recommend being honest. Tell your child, in an age-appropriate manner, that they are going to see a counselor—for example, someone who is a “feelings helper,” or someone who helps a lot of kids with their worries and mixed-up feelings. 

You can also talk to us ahead of time about broaching the subject with your child—we can guide you based on your specific situation.

Will I Be Present in My Child’s Therapy Session?

Whether or not parents are present during therapy depends on the specific goals you have, the challenges your child needs to overcome, and the techniques the counselor will use. We welcome you to speak to your child’s therapist about these goals and ask questions about the play techniques involved in pursuing them.

For individual therapy, the session will be between the child and the counselor. Then, our therapists work closely with the child and their family to create a personalized treatment plan to address emotional, behavioral, and social challenges.

For family counseling, we focus on family dynamics, which involves bringing everyone together. Our family counseling sessions foster open communication and understanding between family members, promoting a positive and nurturing home environment.

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Give your child a space to understand and explore their feelings in their own language—play. We’re here to support you as a parent, giving your child new ways to express themselves and overcome some of the biggest challenges they face. Whether it’s calming disruptive behaviors or overcoming classroom troubles, we’re ready to partner with you and your child for a healthier, happier home.

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